Our bathing facilities are top-notch. They are newly renovated, making it a delight to take a warm bath or visit the lavatory.

Plug sockets are provided for:

  • Hairdryers
  • Curling tongs
  • Shavers

And there are changing mats for your tiny ones, so as to make it easy to slip a clean nappy on.

We have also made sure that the toilets are suitable for any disabled guests at the campsite.

We have free wifi covering most of the site.

The kiosk offers a wide range of daily necessities, so that you can fix something good for dinner at your tent, cottage or caravan.

From oatmeal to pickled gherkins, we’ve got it all, and we can even help if there’s a birthday to celebrate.

Every day, you can order fresh bread for the following day’s breakfast. More about that in the menu bullet-point.

Now with homemade ice cream cones

Camping can include a little luxury too.

That’s why we ensure that you can order freshly baked bread for your whole family, every day, for breakfast the following day.

All you need to do is place your order at reception, and then come back the next morning to pick up your delicious breakfast.

If you prefer, you can prepare meals in our kitchen, rather than using your camping stove.

The kitchen contains a stove, tables and oven.

Those who have not brought their own BBQ can use the one under the porch. Please remember to clean it for the next user. We all look after each other while camping.

There is a fish-cleaning table right by the kitchen entrance, for those who have been lucky enough to catch something.

You are always welcome to eat on the benches. It’s more convivial to eat all together and helps make a meal more enjoyable.

Having a party?

We have the perfect meeting & banquet facilities

Price for 48 hours including cleaning of floors: 2.500,- kr.

Price for 48 hours including total cleaning: 3.100,- kr.

Do back flips till the sun goes down

We love to work off some energy, and so do children when visiting the campsite.

That’s why we have two bouncy pillows, where adults and children alike can let their hair down as they leap and flip for as long as they like.

Do you still have more energy to burn off?


Slides for big and small

If you love wearing holes in your shorts or dress, we can highly recommend our slides. One is for “experienced users” and one for “beginners”.

Big and little people can have a go on the slides. For very small children, we do recommend going down with an adult.

Still not out of energy?



Do you love to climb?

Of course Nakskov Fjord Camping has a climbing frame to swing about on.

This is a great place to play Catch or Hot Lava.

And we haven’t forgotten the littlest ones. They need to be able to play too.


Swings for the smallest

That’s why we’ve made a swing even they can use. See for yourself how she’s enjoying it.

And last, but not least….


Shall we build a castle?

A huge sandpit, of course, where the kids can get creative and build whatever they fancy.